6 incredible mobile games you won’t believe you can play on your smartphone

Remember when mobile games were synonymous with a simple four-directional black and white snake? Well, 2021’s mobile games have been boasting almost console-like graphics with gorgeous art styles and stellar combat. Nose deep in screen and fingers tapping at the speed of light, someone might just mistake you for texting furiously.

Here’s a showcase of 6 amazing-looking games available on iOS and Android

1. Astracraft

Mecha madness with more modes than you can count

Imagine bringing your childhood robots, made out of blocks, to life in just the way you had envisioned them. Astracraft is a game that defies possibilities by transporting your mecha creations to a range of different game modes.

Customize your robot to the point of pride with a multitude of resources presented to you by the game. Add some sick wheels, missiles, shields, whatever you fancy to your heart’s content and take it for a spin through game modes such as races, battle bots, looter shooter arenas, battle royale, king of the hill and more.

If you want a slower experience, there are more casual game modes as well but nothing seems quite as satisfying as putting together your own personal Gundam, block by block.

Platforms: Android and iOS

2. Crash Bandicoot: On The Run

Dashing into your phone screens!

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