Apple leads growth global tablet market, claim IDC and Strategy Analytics

Apple leads growth global tablet market claim IDC and Strategy Analytics

A day after Apple has announced that it has hit a record revenue level from its iPad lineup, both IDC and Strategy Analytics have crowned the Cupertino-based tech giant as the market leader in the global tablet market.

While IDC suggests that Apple shipped 12.7 million units of the iPad in the first quarter of 2021 and recorded a Year-over-Year growth of 64.3%, Strategy Analytics claims 16.8 million units for the company while registering 75% growth for the same period.

Data of both market research firms show that Samsung stood in second place. While IDC claimed that Samsung shipped 8 million units to take a 20% market share, Strategy Analytics suggests that Samsung recorded shipments of 8.3 million and 14.7% share.

As per both IDC and Strategy Analytics, Lenovo shipped 3.8 million units in the first quarter of 2021.

There is minor contrast in the two reports in terms of the performance of Amazon. While IDC claimed that Amazon shipped 3.5 million units to secure an 8.7% market share, Strategy Analytics suggests that Amazon recorded shipments of 8.3 million and 8.3% share.

Huawei ranks fifth as per both the lists with 2 million shipments and 4.4% market share claimed by Strategy Analytics and 2.7 million units and 6.8% share.

As per both the reports, the tablet market has seen phenomenal growth in Q1 2021. As per IDC, the tablet market is 55.2% year-over-year and recorded 39.9 million units shipments. “Growth of this magnitude has not been seen since the third quarter of 2013 when the tablet market grew by 56.9% year over year,” added IDC.

Strategy Analytics also suggested that the tablet market growth has hit an 8-year high. “People are still working, learning, and playing from home, which has led to more demand for tablets than can be met right now. Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, and Amazon all posted strong tablet results in Q1 2021 as COVID has reshaped how consumers spend time and where they get work done. Tablets are now able to meet this moment after years of productivity-focused upgrades. Employers and employees have found key benefits in work-from-home (WFH) arrangements, which could bode well for longer-term tablet usage and ownership trends,” said the report.


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