Artificial Intelligence in Information Technology– How Does the Picture Look Like?

Artificial Intelligence in Information Technology– How Does the Picture Look Like?

Artificial Intelligence in Information Technology

The world we live in today is so difficult to imagine without technology. All these years we have heavily relied on Artificial intelligence (AI) and Information Technology (IT). Gone are the days when advanced technologies were considered to be a distant reality and that bringing them to life would take decades. Today, we get to see wide application of all this in every sector possible, be IT in the manner how day-to-day tasks are performed to detecting frauds, and bringing in advanced methods for research purposes. With AI and IT, we have not just accomplished tasks that were considered way out of our league but also saved a lot of time.

AI and IT go hand in hand. The manner in which AI has had an impact on how the IT sector functions over the years is phenomenal. Since we have now reached a stage wherein our life revolves around data and technology, IT is very much expected that the coming years would see a lot more implementation of the same. As per the statistics, AI market is expected to reach $190 billion by 2025.

AI has always been appreciated for having left a positive impact on IT. Here’s how-


Automation – When the context is AI, how can one not talk about automation? With AI in place, human involvement has either reduced drastically or has come down to zero – thanks to the power of automation by virtue of AI. As far as IT is concerned a lot of backend processes can be automated that further result in cost-saving and minimizing human hours as well.


Enhanced productivityAs AI makes use of a set of algorithms, IT has become all the more convenient for programmers to identify software bugs while writing code. The advancement has reached a stage wherein certain AI forms have catered to providing suggestions as far as coding is concerned. This further paves the way for the increase in efficiency and thus productivity. Now that bugs are identified in the initial stage itself, no doubt, a lot of time is saved. The future will see improved AI-enabled methods as the algorithms would be able to learn from their mistakes and improve their effectiveness.


Security – Data is resent in massive amounts and keeps increasing with every passing day. Since, data is extremely precious, ensuring its security is always a priority. A lot of IT organizations, government bodies, etc. deal with tons of data on a daily basis. Following this, IT becomes very important to deploy algorithms that ensure that the data is secure. Artificial intelligence comes to the rescue. IT holds the potential to provide protection in order to create a high-security layer. AI is capable enough of not just identifying the threats to the data but also provide the needed solutions for the same.


Quality assurance– This is one such area that IT engineers cannot overlook. AI methodologies serve to be no less than a saviour here.


Is AI worth investing in?

Let us now address the main question of interest. Is AI worth investing in? Well, AI has served in a variety of aspects in a wide range of industries. Right from automation in the form of sending reminders, detecting frauds, monitoring traffic to assisting in medical operations, AI has got you covered. AI has made IT easier than ever in handling mundane and repetitive tasks. IT is because of AI that a lot of time is saved as a human intervention has gone down drastically.

Yet another reason as to why IT companies could rely on AI is because of AI’s ability to deliver personalized user experience. Right from providing recommendations to answering questions, AI has done IT all.

Though implementing AI is not that an easy task, IT is definitely not difficult to the extent that IT is not worth giving IT a miss. Though the process is a little complex and expensive, the results delivered in the end would be worth IT all. However, for that to happen, IT is important that the organizations realize how positively AI can impact the business. Also, IT is seen that not all companies out there have professionals good enough to handle AI. This is an area to address. IT is important that the whole organization unites and understand the importance of AI to implement IT better.

As far as Artificial intelligence in the Information Technology sector is concerned, IT is transforming IT by making IT more efficient and effective.

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