Battlefield Mobile Footage Leaks From Southeast Asia Playtest

Footage from a new Battlefield Mobile playtest has leaked, showcasing Grand Bazaar, destruction, vehicle gameplay, weapon customization, and more.

Footage from Battlefield Mobile has leaked via a new playtest, giving fans an idea of what to expect from the game. This isn’t the franchise’s first venture into the mobile scene, as DICE had a companion app for Battlefield 4 which gave users access to the role of Commander in-game, a role that allowed players to call in missile strikes, UAVs, and supply drops for their team. That said, Battlefield Mobile will put players in the action and not limit them to a tactical overwatch role.

EA announced Battlefield Mobile earlier this year, but little to no details have really been offered up. It seems likely that the publisher saw the success of Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile before realizing it had its own big franchise that it could also bring to an all-new player base. There are a number of countries, such as China, that skew heavily towards mobile gaming over console or PC gaming. Not to mention more people have mobile devices than consoles and EA has the opportunity to introduce Battlefield to this audience in a big way. Despite the lack of details, new footage of the game has leaked online.

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EA has been conducting Battlefield Mobile playtests and it seems a participant has uploaded some footage of the game (via MP1st). Since it’s still in development and it’s a mobile game, it’s not as visually pleasing as the core entries of the franchise, but it does attempt to maintain the core gameplay pillars that fans know and love. The footage seems to indicate Battlefield Mobile will go the Call of Duty Mobile route and play the greatest hits of the series, as the footage showcases Battlefield 3’s Grand Bazaar map. On top of standard gunfights, the game features vehicles, extensive weapon customization, and of course, destruction – albeit, not as impressive as the destruction in the main games.

battlefield 2042 drones and airplane

Needless to say, it’s definitely Battlefield. It won’t launch until sometime in 2022, but it seems like the game is retaining a lot of the fundamentals of the series. The next game in the franchise, Battlefield 2042, was recently delayed to November 2021 after previously being scheduled for an October 2021 release date. It’s unclear if EA plans to integrate any kind of Battlefield 2042 content into Battlefield Mobile, but it seems likely there will be some kind of crossover.

Whether or not the game can actually go toe to toe with its competitors remains to be seen, but if EA can get the large player counts and massive maps into the game, it could hold its own. If it ends up just being a watered-down version of Battlefield, it may miss the mark entirely. Nonetheless, this leaked footage seems to give a decent first impression of what Battlefield Mobile holds in store when it launches next year.

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Source: MP1st

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