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For those who are new to the world of online gaming, JRPG’s are Japanese Role-Playing Games. To qualify for this category of gaming, a JRPG must be considered a role-playing game and made in Japan. It is also possible for the game to be created outside Japan but in that instance, the game must have some clear features, such as anime/manga characters, a fantasy setting, RPG elements, and the game must show influence from JRPG’s.

With that in mind, what are the best JRPG’s for mobile?

Final Fantasy IX is considered one of the world’s leading JRPG’s for mobile. The Final Fantasy series has a huge following and it easy to see why when playing Final Fantasy IX on a mobile device. It is one of only a few games released by Square Enix for Android devices that takes advantage of immersive mode. That means you can enjoy playing Final Fantasy IX using the full screen of your mobile phone, hiding the navigation bar, thus providing a more immersive experience. Thanks to being ported for a touch interface, Final Fantasy IX is easy to control and makes for a great mobile gaming experience.

In addition to the best JRPG’s for mobile, there are some great casino games available to install on mobile phones and tablets. Having played some of the leading JRPG’s for mobile, you may already have experienced a casino game as they make up some of the mini games found in JRPG’s. If you would like to take your mobile casino gaming to the next level, we recommend you check out, where you will find a great selection of mobile casino apps available in the United states.

Back to the best JRPG’s for mobile and we come to Dragon Quest VIII. If you are looking for a superbly animated, immersive world with a high-quality voice cast on mobile, look no further than Dragon Quest VIII. Interestingly, this game plays in portrait mode and that is because Japanese gamers like to play mobile games using one hand while commuting. Unlike previous Dragon Quest games, Dragon Quest VIII uses a skill-based system for players to level up characters rather than beating monsters. With the addition of side quests, Dragon Quest VIII can easily play for over 100 hours and provide plenty of great entertainment whether commuting or relaxing at home.

Another of the top JRPG’s for mobile is Chaos Rings 3. This turned based game has been available for many years yet remains one of the best JRPG’s for mobile. There is no doubt the turn-based combat can be challenging, even full experienced JRPG players but the huge amount of content easily makes Chaos Rings 3 a must-play game for mobile JRPG fans. The colourful characters, lovely voice acting, engaging combat, tremendous visuals, and great story combine to produce a premium game. Therefore, Chaos Rings 3 does come at a premium price, but it is worth the investment.

Some of the other best JRPG’s for mobile include Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, Battle Chasers: Nightwar, Phantasy Star II, and Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth.

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