Blackburn crook has prison sentence extended for hiding mobile phone in ‘fold of skin in groin area’

A prisoner from Blackburn has had his jail term extended after being caught with a mobile phone in custody.

Faisal Khan, 32, appeared at Mold Crown Court via video link on Thursday for sentence.

He had previously admitted possessing a mobile phone while he was a serving prisoner at HMP Berwyn last year.

James Coutts, prosecuting, told the court during a cell search, HMP Berwyn officers ran a metal detector over Khan and it indicated he had something metallic over his groin area.

He placed his hands in his boxers and attempted to conceal something, before resisting officers.

After being placed in handcuffs he was searched and a mobile phone was recovered from a “fold of skin in his groin area”, the court heard.

The discovery came just a month after he’d been caught with another phone in custody – for which he had received an extra four months in jail.

Yasmin Aslam, defending, said her client was due to be released from his ongoing six year sentence in January 2021 – but that had been pushed back by being caught with the first phone.

The discovery of the second would push the date back again, she said – and told the court he had been “foolish” because his actions would affect not only himself, but his family in the Blackburn area.

She said: “He has found it extremely difficult to maintain his family ties, particularly during lockdown.

“He occupies a single cell and has a [prison] phone, but it has no credit and he’s only allowed to top it up once a month.

“It’s been virtually impossible for him to talk to his parents.” Judge David Hale acknowledged that evidence showed Khan had only used the phone to contact his family.

And despite him not using it for criminal endeavours, there was a chance it could have fallen into the wrong hands and be used for such a purpose, the Judge said.

Ms Aslam added: “His parents are elderly and [on release] his plans are to live in the family home to look after them.

“He’s not just done a disservice to himself, but he’s done a disservice to them.

“He understands it’s not just him that is going to suffer the consequences – it’s his family as well.

“He’s brought it on himself, but the bottom line is he’s sorry.”

Judge Hale said: “It’s tragic for you because you were nearing the end of your sentence and no doubt looking forward to returning to the community.

“It’s your own fault [your release date] has been put back.

“I am going to give you the same sentence as before, as an act of mercy – four months, consecutive to the sentence you’re currently serving.

“I hope you’ve learned your lesson.”

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