Can You Really Google Boris Johnson’s Mobile Phone Number?

NotComics: Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Boris Johnson has come under considerable criticism of late regarding access to him via his mobile phone number. With figures of business able to access him directly, including using the WhatsApp messaging app, there has been considerable criticism and demands that Boris Johnson changes his mobile number. He has kept the number the same since he was a journalist, an MP, and Mayor of London. As a result, he is accessible by many he has had contact with personally and professionally. He has reportedly refused to change the number.

Can You Really Google Boris Johnson's Mobile Phone Number?
Screencap: Boris Johnson

But something may have made him change his mind. Gossip mailout, and strong influence on Bleeding Cool, Popbitch, ran a story regarding said phone number, saying;

It’s not as though the Prime Minister’s personal phone number could just be floating out there on the internet, is it? It would be absolutely insane if it was tacked on to the bottom of an old press release that he dished out freely while MP for Henley, and Shadow Minister for Higher Education.

It took me seconds to Google it. Direct access to the pocket of the most powerful person in the United Kingdom. Now, obviously, I am not going to use it, not even to send him a delivery notification from John Lewis, but the fact that I could find it just by googling would suggest that anyone could find it. Even Budgie.

What’s the betting that the one thing that actually saw Boris Johnson actually change his phone number was Popbitch with a little help from Bleeding Cool? And anyway, Boris Johnson may have bigger things to deal with right now.

UPDATE: Bleeding Cool understands that, as of a few minutes ago, the number in question no longer works.

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