COD Mobile Developer Made More Money Than Any Other Studio Last Year

Tencent subsidiary TiMi Games has reportedly earned $10 billion in revenue in 2020, making it the most profitable developer studio in the world.

TiMi Studios, the developer behind Call of Duty: Mobile, has made more money than any other developer studio in the world at $10 billion in revenue for 2020, according to reputable sources. The subsidiary of major Chinese gaming company Tencent Games is now a contender for the world’s most profitable developer thanks to its earnings, and will likely fund its ambitions to move away from mobile games and into the competitive AAA gaming sphere.

TiMi built up its reputation as a developer of mobile games, particularly entries in more popular console/PC franchises. TiMi is the studio behind PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Army AttackContra: Return, and The King of Fighters: Destiny, among others, but is particularly well-known for Call of Duty: Mobile, which generated over $480 million in its first year and went on to become one of the largest release in mobile gaming history. TiMi’s most successful game, however, is Honor of Kings, a standalone MOBA that is now ranked as one of the most popular and profitable mobile games ever released. So naturally, out of all of Tencent’s subsidiaries, TiMi can reasonably be considered as one of the most prolific, and has an ongoing lineup of projects for the near future, including the upcoming Pokémon: UNITE, a new MOBA entry in one of the most popular gaming franchises in history.

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So even though the information hasn’t been made public yet, it’s no surprise that TiMi has had a very successful 2020, especially considering that the gaming industry as a whole has seen higher profits thanks in no small part to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Reuters, which obtained the information from two anonymous, but credible, insiders, TiMi’s revenue for 2020 has exceeded $10 billion, which contributed 40% of parent company Tencent’s overall profits for the year. TiMi is reportedly hoping to develop independent AAA titles with its profits, which might make it one of the biggest developers on the market soon enough.

TiMi is only one of Tencent’s gaming subsidiaries, all of which compete with each other on the domestic and international market, but considering its success, TiMi certainly seems to be the golden child of the bunch. Even though it is the creative force behind popular mobile adaptations of major mainstream console and PC titles, the fact that it created games like Honor of Kings and Arena of Valor, which are hugely successful on their own merit, means that TiMi’s ambitions to move into AAA gaming are sound. It has proven that it can build games that are popular and profitable on their own merit, without having to stand on the backs of giants to achieve success.

At the time of this writing, the numbers provided aren’t yet confirmed, but considering TiMi’s record with Honor of Kings, COD: Mobile, et al, and the overall increase in profitability in gaming due to the pandemic, it’s not exactly a stretch to believe that TiMi could pull in some serious cash. It is already proving to have been a worthwhile purchase by its parent company, Tencent, who has turned its investment into ten billion.

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Source: Reuters, Daniel Ahmad

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