Cold Stone Creamery mobile truck coming to Owensboro this spring

Cold Stone Creamery Truck

A Cold Stone Creamery mobile truck is expected to open this spring in Owensboro, offering signature creations at a wide range of events.

When Gayla Martin, founder and owner of the Cold Stone Creamery franchise in Owensboro, opened the store at 5140 Frederica Street in 2007, she could only hope for the level of success the business has experienced. 

“We had seen this franchise in Georgia and did some research,” she said. “It was a year-and-a-half process to make it happen in Owensboro. We wanted to provide a fun environment for kids and families. They had never seen anything like it.”

After opening, Martin said the new business was well received by the community.

“We have established a good business and good customers,” she said. “We opened a catering location downtown that was open for seven years. Then with COVID, we decided it was time to do something new and fresh.” 

This led Martin and employee Luc Bowman to the newest adventure — a Cold Stone Creamery catering truck. The food truck will offer on-site catering for businesses and events. 

Bowman, who has been with Cold Stone for six years, is excited about taking the new truck out into the community. He says this new endeavor will be the first of its kind in the state. 

“We know of a couple of (Cold Stone Creamery) mobile trucks but not in Kentucky that we are aware of,” he said. “We knew there weren’t very many out there. We are doing the trailer ourselves, creating it to be functional.”

Bowman says they are excited about what they have to offer. 

“It is going to be just like a Cold Stone Creamery in the brick-and-mortar store,” Bowman said. “We are very excited about this. We hope it does great.” 

Bowman expects to be busy, catering at events such as Friday After 5, the Owensboro Air Show, and potentially ROMP. 

“What I love about my job is just being present with our great customers in the community,” Bowman said. “I am an outgoing person and my personality fits well.

The Cold Stone Creamery mobile food truck plans to be up and running by late spring. New social media platforms will launch with the trailer. On Instagram and Facebook, “ColdStonemixitUP” launched this week. 

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