Data privacy is the main barrier to mobile marketing growth

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Consumer concerns about data privacy and the need to meet regulatory requirements like GDPR are the main barriers to growth in mobile marketing, according to WARC’s survey of over 500 marketing professionals in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) in association with the MMA.

More than one-third (35%) of marketers say consumer concerns about privacy/security are a barrier to mobile marketing’s growth, the most reported answer and a strong increase from the 25% who said the same last year.

While metrics and measurement was the main barrier in 2020, it has now dropped to third place with 22% of marketers saying it is a barrier. This suggests privacy is front of mind for marketers, particularly as other concerns like ad fraud and budget levels have also lost relevance.

WARC’s latest research also found that 62% of marketers believe the ‘death of the cookie’ will significantly impact their mobile marketing strategy. This highlights the clear reliance on consumer data in the more than $200bn spent on mobile advertising each year.

This data-driven approach is under threat, though, as audiences, publishers and advertisers give greater attention to data privacy. As a result, more sustainable identity solutions need to be found. The most effective brands can use this to their advantage as greater levels of privacy offer a chance to innovate on the creative front.

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