EE Makes eSIM Downloads Possible for UK Mobile Customers

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Customers of EE’s UK mobile network may be pleased to learn that the operator recently simplified the eSIM installation process, which has finally made it possible for them to properly download, install and activate an eSIM on their chosen device or Smartphone.

A traditional SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card contains a chip that authenticates your identity to a mobile operator, usually as soon as you slide one into a new mobile phone or other supporting device. But a growing number of new devices are also shipping with eSIM support, which essentially embeds an electronic SIM into your device (i.e. making it quicker and easier to switch between carriers via multiple account support).

The problem is that implementation of eSIM support has been quite mixed, which can often result in customers still needing to rely on some degree of physical SIM cards or processes. The same was also true for EE, at least it was until around the middle of April 2021 when a number of customers reported to that they had received the following notice.

My EE Notice – 14th April 2021

Ordered an eSIM for a compatible pay monthly device? We’ve now simplified the installation process.

First, you’ll recieve a notification on the ‘springboard’ of your My EE app to let you know when your eSIM is ready to download. Tap the ‘Download eSIM’ button, then follow the steps to download, install and activate the eSIM profile on your chosen device. SIMple as that!

The operator appeared to experiment with this toward the end of last year (here), but that didn’t appear to work properly and this new digital process does. The ability to do all of this online will make life a lot easier, provided you have a phone that can support the feature on EE’s network.

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