ElleVet kicks off second mobile relief tour expanding free veterinary care

ElleVet Sciences’ national nonprofit organization, The ElleVet Project, is returning to the west coast in its 38-foot RV branded as the “ElleVan” to kick off its second mobile relief tour today, June 16, 2021, in San Diego. The ElleVet team will be providing free veterinary care, food, and supplies to pets of the homeless, street pets, and pets residing in vulnerable California communities.

This time around, ElleVet cofounders Amanda Howland and Christian Kjaer know what to expect and predict that they will treat thousands of pets, doubling the amount seen in the 2020 California tour which treated more than 1,200 pets.

“Last summer, the Project resonated with people in a way we couldn’t have imagined,” says Howland in an organizational release. “It was a tremendous learning experience for us and now we’re extremely motivated to make an even greater impact this time around. We’re confident we can streamline what we’re doing to serve many more pets this year.”

The organization is collaborating with city officials and municipalities to curate a team of rotating, professional veterinarians to provide the free animal care services. Community-focused sponsors are also donating medical supplies, food, and assistance to the project. Featured services include vaccines, flea and tick preventatives, deworming, general checkups, emergency surgeries, and more.

Additionally, the ElleVan will be journeying its way through San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and a host of other California cities to locate pets residing in areas with high homeless populations and granting them access to proper veterinary care. The tour will conclude once the team makes its way through Las Vegas in September.

“It was oftentimes a heart-wrenching experience to see how much our efforts affected and impacted the owners of the pets we were able to assist, and that’s why we wanted to expand our vision for the project,” says Kjaer, who believes the project will expand across the country within 3 years.

“People told me that by giving medical care to their pets, it literally allowed them to put food on their own tables,” he adds. “That kind of feedback is hugely uplifting and is key to why we’re coming back and planning to grow the project nationwide.”

The ElleVet Project is currently accepting support and donations to assist its mission of providing free veterinary services to vulnerable pets. All donations go towards vaccines, medical supplies, and emergency surgeries.

To learn more about the donation process and The ElleVet Project, go here.

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