Four-city plant visit to help Chandigarh Municipal Corporation choose technology | Chandigarh News

CHANDIGARH: The city municipal corporation has selected four garbage processing plants to learn about the technology used and to adopt the same for city-based garbage processing plant. Besides the municipal councillors, a technical committee comprising the representatives of Punjab Engineering College (PEC) and the pollution department and officers of the MC will also be a part of the visiting team.
Out of these selected four plants, two are situated in New Delhi, one each in Ambala and Nashik in Maharashtra. According to the plan, in the first phase, the team of the municipal corporation will visit New Delhi and Ambala as they are nearer. Tour to Nashik will be planned in the second phase after visiting these nearby running plants.
Sources revealed that the civic body authority has already started taking consent of all the municipal councilors, who are interested in visiting the garbage processing plants. The visit to New Delhi and Ambala will be planned next week. Since adopting the technology is a crucial decision, the MC wants to involve maximum councillors for decision making.
“Since both these places are near to the city, there will not be much expenditure over these tours. Moreover, we want to take the decision as soon as possible so that the city-based garbage processing plant can be upgraded as there is already much delay. Moreover, we are taking the members of the technical committee too so that we can get better advise on the spot while understanding the technology,” said sources.
11 firms show interest:
Out of 13 companies,11 companies, including IIT Mumbai, had shown interest in upgrading the existing garbage processing plant of the city to make it fully functional with the latest available technology. Initially, all these 11 companies gave their detailed presentations before the technical experts and senior officers of the municipal corporation, but on the request of the councillors, presentation was again organised last month. All these companies have shown their plan, technology, skill, viability, mode of processing etc.

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