Fun games you can play on WhatsApp with friends and family

Fun games you can play on WhatsApp with friends and family

Playing multiplayer games on smartphones, PC or consoles can never come closer to the real world games which we used to play with friends. Games like Antakshari, Friends tag, etc are among the most popular ones. However, the coronavirus spread has led everyone to stay at home. That, however, does not mean you can not play those games by maintaining social distancing and staying at home.

So, if you are bored with those action-adventure games, texts and calls and looking for something different to do, then here are a few games that you can play with your friends on WhatsApp or any other messaging platforms.

20 Questions — Fun game, many people can play at once
The idea of the game is pretty simple, one player thinks of an object, place, name or anything else. Other players or players are supposed to guess that in 20 questions or less.

For example, one thinks of noodles. Then other players will ask questions which will be in yes or no format.

They can ask questions like Is it a place? Or can we eat that? etc. Also, the next person can only answer with yes or no. Using adverbs is also allowed, like sometimes, always, etc.

Friends tag questions
This is also a fun game you can play on WhatsApp or using any text messaging platform. The game is simple, you need to ask your friend about yourself or about the bond you share and the other friend is supposed to answer that. The person with the highest correct answer wins.

You can ask questions like what’s my favourite movie? Which is my favourite colour. Tell me five things I want to do in life, etc.

The first thing that comes to your mind
As the name suggests, it is all about the first thing that comes to your mind. This is best played between two people over a personal chat. All you need to do is write a word and then the next person is supposed to reply with the first thing that comes to his/her mind.

Antakshari on WhatsApp is not as simple as the regular version, but it is fun. Here you will need to write the lyrics instead of singing them. You can also record and send voice notes. If you are getting over-excited about the game, you can also make a video call and play the game like we usually do.


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