Google could bring this new technology to the Pixel 6

Google could bring this new technology to the Pixel 6

Google is working on adding the Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology for the Android hardware could launch the new Pixel 6 smartphone series equipped with the same technology, claims a report by 9To5Google. The report is based upon the claims of XDA Developers’ Mishaal Rahman. He recently shared on Twitter that “Google is working on bringing UWB support to an upcoming device codenamed “Raven”. The Raven device is said to be the codename of the next Google Pixel phone. As per the report, ““Raven” and another device “Oriole” are set to be this fall’s Made by Google phones, both running on Google’s own Whitechapel GS101 chip.”

The UWB technology is already present in Apple and Samsung’s flagship phones. It helps make for more accurate location tracking and communication like connecting to a smart speaker merely by bringing your phone close to it, detecting an AirTag quickly etc. Samsung has its SmartTags and the UWB tech to unlock your car with the help of a Samsung flagship, wth the phone acting as a key. For now, it has not been claimed which Google device specifically will get it: the Pixel 6, the Pixel 6XL or any other Pixel phone.

Or is the UWB technology being developed for a tracking device? Apple has already launched its AirTag, which is Android-compatible too. Google perhaps could try to expand the competition a bit with its own set of trackers. Nothing is known for sure yet. Whatever Google’s nebulous plans, they sure are going to be about improving the tracking feature of its device(s), whichever it may be.


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