Google Pay may soon allow users to make UPI payments over NFC

Google Pay may soon allow users to make UPI payments over NFC

Making payments through Google Pay may become easier in the future. Google is reportedly planning to introduce NFC-enabled UPI payments in India. As spotted by Android Police, the tech giant has created a support page explaining how NFC payments will work on Google Pay.

Near Field Communication or the NFC technology allows one to make contactless payments. With the NFC integrated on the Google Pay app, users will no longer be able to scan a QR code and manually input a UPI ID to transact digitally.

One can simply tap his/her phone on the payment terminal to make a payment. Currently, only the Pine Lab terminals support NFC payments in India.

Google support page also says that NFC payments will not work if a device is rooted, runs a custom ROM or a user has modified factory software. The service will not work on such devices due to security purposes, says the company.

Meanwhile, Google has announced an update for its policy and on how apps need to be presented on the Play Store in order for the developers to ensure that their “apps and games are eligible for recommendations on all surfaces on Google Play.” The tech giant has directed developers to limit the length of app titles to 30 characters, ban keywords that imply store performance, promotion in the icon, title and developer name, and put an end to graphic elements that may mislead users in the app icon.


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