Gunz Esports crowned PMSC Arabia 2021 champions

The PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Arabia (PMSC) 2021 came to an end today. After a gripping battle between the 16 teams of the region, Gunz Esports was crowned as the ultimate champions. They finished the points table with 80 kills and 191 points. RTG Esports secured second place with 74 kills and 162 points, while Rico Infinity Team finished in third with 124 points.

Gunz Esports
Gunz Esports

Galaxy Racer had an appalling tournament, finishing in 13th place with just 60 points. GXR PMSC lineup consists of two players from the Esports division (Owais and MJ) and two content creators (Boombastic and Dhay).

The PMSC Arabia 2021 is a three-day Ramadan Special tournament for the Arab region. The event featured 16 teams from the Middle East that fought for the title and a massive prize pool of $100k.

PMSC Arabia 2021 Day 3 overall standings

PMSC 2021 Arabia overall standings
PMSC 2021 Arabia overall standings

The first match of the day was played on Erangel and was won by RTG Esports with 10 frags, followed by Rico Infinity and Team Kout with two kills each. Galaxy Racer was eliminated from the 15th spot.

Falcon Esports claimed the second match on the rainforest map of Sanhok with six frags. iKurd Esports was second with seven kills, while Galaxy Racer was eliminated in 13th place.

Gunz Esports emerged victorious in the third match on the desert map of Miramar, with 11 kills, followed by Team Kout with four frags. Galaxy Racer secured fourth place with one frag.

The fourth and final match played on Erangel was again clinched by Gunz Esports with 11 frags, followed by Galaxy Racer with five kills.

PMSC Arabia 2021 Prize Pool Distribution and Ranking

Winners: $35,000 – Gunz Esports

Runner Up: $20,000 – RTG Esports

3rd Place: $10,000 – Rico Infinity Team

4th Place: $5,000 – Yalla Esports

5th Place: $4,000 – Falcons Esports

6th Place: $3,500 – Team Kout

7th Place: $3,000 – Zombies Esports

8th Place: $2,600 – IKurd Esports

9th Place: $2,500 – Alpha Legends

10th Place: $2,200 – Sudor Esports

11th Place: $2,100 – Arab GSG

12th Place: $2,000 – Nasr Esports

13th Place: $1,800 – Galaxy Racer

14th Place: $1,600 – The Snipers

15th Place: $1,500 – Fate Esports

16th Place: $1,200 – RAAD

MVP: $2,000 – Gunz Esports Freak

Published 02 May 2021, 11:12 IST

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