Horror mobile footage showed boy, 15, and man being tortured and slashed in Glasgow flat

TWO thugs were branded “savages” by a judge after recording themselves torturing and slashing two terrified victims.

George Murray, 33, and Scott McClymont, 22, turned on Ryan Murray and a 15 year-old boy at a flat in Glasgow’s Springburn days after Christmas last year.

Horror mobile phone footage of the attack was shown at the High Court in Glasgow on Wednesday.

The crime at 23 year-old Ryan’s home was so gruesome blood seeped down into the flat below.

During the nine-minute clip, both victims begged for mercy as they were repeatedly “chopped” on the head and body with blades.

One of the attackers taunted: “Dance for me, dance for me…”

Ryan is seen drenched in blood as he stood frightened in a bath.

The 15 year-old meantime pulled his hood up as he cowered while trying to avoid being repeatedly hit.

Amid hysterical laughing by the thugs, McClymont stated: “You better die slowly. See if you grass us up.”

One of the pair moaned about the blood-marks on his hand.

As the onslaught continued, a voice can be heard: “Give him one more (strike) for luck…f*****g give him two more.

“Yes, that’s how you do it.”

The ordeal only ended when the duo became aware of sirens and blue lights in the area.

But, police still had to force their way into the flat where they found the injured victims with both Murray and McClymont also there.

Both guilty to attempting to murder Ryan and assaulting the boy to his severe injury, permanent disfigurement and to the danger of his life.

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Glasgow Times:

Lord Mulholland told them: “I have to say I have watched the most horrendous footage. You behaved like savages. You can expect lengthy sentences for what you did.”

They were remanded in custody as the case was adjourned for reports until next month.

The court heard how Murray and McClymont struck after mistakenly believing they had been “set up” at the flat last December 28.

There was initially a scuffle with both shouting: “How do people know we are here?”

Murray, of the city’s Maryhill, and McClymont, of Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, then each armed themselves with a knife.

Prosecutor Lindsey Dalziel said: “Murray began attacking the 15 year-old by striking him on the head.

“McClymont then joined in and both began attacking the boy and Ryan Murray with the knives.”

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The teenager was brutally set up in the kitchen for around 15 minutes.

Another boy in the flat could hear the victims “pleading” with the thugs to stop and that they had not set anyone up.

A downstairs neighbour had meantime had gone to bathroom during this.

Miss Dalziel: “She shouted on her friend to come through.

“They both saw what they thought was blood dripping through the ceiling onto the bath and floor below.”

Police were alerted and initially found Ryan Murray’s flat in darkness when they eventually got in.

Ryan was soon discovered covered in blood before the 15 year-old was found in a bedroom with a towel around his head.

Both refused to say what had happened. Murray and McClymont were also still there.

Murray later claimed he had been punched and “blacked out”.

But, what he and McClymont done was revealed when officers were handed the sick footage.

It is thought to have been recorded on the 15 year-old’s mobile, which was given to police after the attack.

The court heard Ryan suffered 15 head wounds causing skull and nose fractures. He also had hand and wrist injuries.

The 15 year-old needed 28 staples for multiple scalp wounds.

His knee and arm were also badly hurt following his ordeal.

The hearing was told Murray and McClymont already had convictions for violence.

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