How to delete call history from your Android smartphone

How to delete call history from your Android smartphone

Android smartphone users can easily check the list of calls they made, received or missed. However, in case they wish to delete a particular call or the entire call history, here are the steps.


Search for and open the Phone app in your Android smartphone. A list of call history will open up.


Tap ‘Recents’ on the bottom left corner.


Now, if you wish to delete a single call, search for the button displaying a small “i” inside a circle on the far right side of the bar that shows the contact’s name or the unsaved number. Tap it.


Tap the vertical ellipsis icon (vertical three-dot icon) on the top right of the new window that opens


Select “Delete all calls of this number”. That’s it.


In case you want to delete the entire call log from your smartphone, go to ‘Recents’ tab as mentioned in step number 2.


On the topmost right, you will see a three-dot icon. Tap that.


Select “Delete call log”. If you do not find the option, you can also go to Settings, then Calls and from there to Call logs and then choose to delete the call log from there.

A factory data reset, alongwith deleting all the files and settings on your system, also deletes the call logs which contain the sent calls, the received calls and missed calls. But that is the last option and it is always better to take a backup of your data stored on your Android smartphone before going for a factory reset.


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