How to fix and Image’s position in Google Docs

How to fix and Images position in Google Docs

It can be challenging to lay out a document which includes both text and images. Google Docs allows users to lock the image they need to use in a document in a fixed position so that users do not have to struggle with positioning it.

Users can pick a quick layout, a particular spot for the image and even adjust it to the top left of the page.

Here is how you can fix the position of your image on Google Docs:

How to position your image around the text-


Insert the image you want to add.

Insert> Image> Upload from computer> Select the image


Click on Wrap text or Break text icon as per your preference.

We will be using Break Text.


Choose the Fix position on page option from the Position Options drop-down box.


You can also adjust the margin on the image using the toolbar. This helps you to decide how much space you want between your text and image.


Now your image will stay in place even if you edit the text around it.

How to position the Image Relative to the Top Left


How to position the Image Relative to the Top Left


Click on Position from the Image options and choose the X and Y axis to position the image. (X axis is to move the image side up side and Y axis is to move it up and down)


You can also choose from the Quick Layouts present to position your image. Click on one of the Quick Layouts to apply it.

Your image is now fixed in one position and will not move around as you write your document.

Article by- Aaditya Surya Vedantam


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