How to set caller tune on your Airtel mobile number

Airtel is one of the telecom giants in India. Enjoying the second biggest market share of wireless network subscribers, Airtel offers a stiff competition to the major network providers like Jio, BSNL and Vodafone.

Airtel offers several value-added services to its subscribers including caller tunes. In fact, Airtel calls this Hello Tunes. Once you set the caller tune/hello tune, your callers will be able to hear the set tune instead of the ring tone till you answer the call. If you have subscribed to an unlimited plan, you can set the caller tune for free. Other subscribers will have to pay ₹19 per month to enable this service.

How to set caller tune on Airtel

You need to first download the Wynk Music App on your mobile phone from Google Play or App Store to be able to set the caller tune on your Airtel number.

To register on this app, input your phone number and enter a one-time-password (OTP).

Land on the home screen and click on Airtel Hello Tunes you will find on the top right corner.
Browse through the list of tunes and songs you find and choose the one that you like to set as the caller tune on your Airtel mobile number.

Tap on the song you want to choose and then click on activate for free.

You have now set your Airtel caller tune. This will be valid for 30 days from the date of activation. If you are an unlimited plan subscriber, you can renew the caller tune free of cost.

How to disable the caller tune in Airtel?

If you want to disable the caller tune in Airtel, go to Wynk Music app and tap on the menu you will find on the top left. Go to ‘Manage Hello Tunes’ and then tap on the three dot menu you will find next to the current hello tune. Go to ‘Stop Hellotune’ and then tap on ‘Done’ to complete the process and now the caller tune you had set is disabled.

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