How to Spectate in COD Mobile? Here are the steps to use COD Mobile Spectator Mode

COD Mobile is among the top competitive multiplayer games in the handheld gaming section. The players are always playing online with either their friends or alone. COD Mobile also has different types of features that players can use to their advantage. COD Mobile Spectator Mode is one of those features that allow the players to spectate the games of other players. Many players wish to learn how to spectate in COD Mobile.

How to Spectate in COD Mobile?

The Spectator Mode in COD Mobile can be really helpful at times. When the player is just waiting for their friend to complete a game, or the player is just bored of playing or losing constantly and just wants to check out the game of other players, they can use the Spectator Mode. The Spectator Mode only works with friends in the game, so the players can only spectate friends. The players need to be friends with the other player on COD mobile in order to spectate them. Check out the steps on how to spectate in COD Mobile below:

  • First, the players should load up the COD Mobile application and reach the home screen.
  • Then the players should click on the Friends icon which is on the top right-hand corner of the screen, in between Settings and Mail icons.
  • Once that opens, the players should click on the Friends tab, this will take them to the list of players that they are friends with, in the game.
  • Here the players will be able to see a list of friends that are playing COD mobile at that moment. Next to them, there are 4 icons, a trash icon, an eye icon, a chat icon, and an XP icon.
  • Out of these 4 icons, the players need to click on the eye icon and then they will be able to spectate that specific player. Players cannot use voice chat when they spectate friends in COD Mobile.  

How to earn Relentless Medal in COD Mobile?

In COD Mobile there 86 Medals that a player can earn. Out of these 86 medals, there are 43 that can be earned through the multiplayer mode and 27 that can be earned through the Battle Royale mode. Some of these Medals can be earned without even the player realizing it, and some of them are so difficult that the players will need to keep on trying until they get it right. The COD Mobile Relentless Medal is one of the difficult ones of the lot.

As COD Mobile is such a competitive game, and also an active member of E-sports, the skill level of players is at a very high level. To earn the Relentless Medal in the game, the players need to get 20 consecutive kills without dying. This is indeed a very difficult task to complete and the players will really have to be ‘Relentless’ to earn this medal in COD Mobile.


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