How to use technology to address vaccine gaps in the classroom

Though it’s not the end of the school year, academic institutions across the country are already thinking about reopening their doors this fall due to vaccine rollout. Yet, many — including parents — are worried about how schools will address vaccine gaps in this new learning environment.

Institutions will address these gaps by implementing a series of safeguards and leveraging technologies to bring teachers back to the workplace safely, even if they’re unvaccinated. Savvy institutions are investing in digital contact tracing tools, which provide schools with the data needed to plan, prevent, and react precisely to mitigate risk to faculty and students.

Each school’s return strategy is unique depending on student composition, state mandates, and overall risk tolerance. Administrators need to determine which tools meet their needs, the processes required to roll out the technology, and how to meet safeguards that ensure the safety of students and staff, all while easing the minds of parents.

The tech to invest in now

As schools reopen, investing in emerging technologies is crucial to fill the vaccine gaps left by unvaccinated students, faculty, and parents. Whether it’s digital health questionnaires linked to QR codes providing building access, online dropboxes for assignments, or smartphone apps allowing for contactless payments in the cafeteria, academia has a variety of options to remain contactless.

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