I2CT 2021: Sixth International Conference on Convergence in Technology highlights industry-academia collaboration for research

The Sixth Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers (IEEE) International Conference on Technology Transformation (I2CT) ended on Sunday with participants discussing the importance of research in the growth of technology.

“Technology is changing rapidly. Research is needed to adapt this transition. Research will be the solution to the current problems. So, collaboration between industry and academic institutes is very important and obviously, IEEE is the better platform to involve academia and industries on one platform,” said Deepak Mathur, director, IEEE Asia-Pacific region. IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional society.

The three-day conference was inaugurated on Friday by IEEE Bombay section, Sinhgad Institute of Technology Lonavala and Siddhant Group of Institutes, Pune. It featured 1,050 research papers from 31 countries. More than 7,000 people from all over the world have attended the conference in the past five series.

Mathur said, “Various initiatives should be taken to impart more information about research to students.

Educational institutions should come together and focus on research in collaboration with experts in local industries. Students will definitely get to learn new technologies. It will help them perform many creative activities.”

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