Letter to the Editor: Why do we need six mobile masts?

MODERN life continues to surprise, amaze and confuse.

For example, how is it that communication technology now means we can send an operating drone to Mars 180 million miles distant, yet in a few hundred yards stretch of Ringwood Road at Bear Cross we apparently require now a sixth mobile phone mast?

Our communication industry must surely still be in the dark ages.

Perhaps applicants Hutchison would care to explain why we must have three masts at High Howe roundabout, another two at Bear Cross and now a further 65 ft monstrosity midway between these roundabouts on a last oasis of green space adjacent to residential housing, possibly requiring destruction of a lovely oak tree to boot.

Managing to contact our local councillor I looked for some assistance and support.

Alas, Mr Brown told me that such matters were considered ‘to be of national importance’ and would be nodded through by the council planners with little consideration of local opposition.

So much for the ‘powers’ of local democracy, makes one wonder the point of the forthcoming elections.

Good to know however that our council can act quickly when required, removing the protest sign erected within 24 hours.

Am I being cynical wondering how much rental BCP will receive from the operators.

I and many other locals would be most interested in responses from Hutchisons and the BCP.


Ringwood Road, Bournemouth

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