Maharashtra govt issues guidelines for mobile phone usage at offices | Mumbai News

MUMBAI: The Maharashtra government has asked its employees to use office landlines for communication regarding office work whenever possible and to reduce the use of mobile phones.
The general administration department has issued detailed guidelines regarding phone etiquette to be followed by government staffers while in office. The guidelines say that staffers should use SMS as a mode of communication for official work and that they should keep mobile phone conversations short.
The guidelines have come at a time when allegations against illegal tapping of mobile phones of journalists and opposition leaders are being made.
Use of polite language when speaking on mobile and not using unparliamentary language while speaking on the phones has been listed in the guidelines as well. “It has been seen that many times protocol is not followed by officers while speaking on the phone which spoils the image of the government,” said the order.
Further, employees have been asked to focus on time and language while using social media for office use.
Additionally, it has been instructed that the officials/employees respond promptly to the calls of representatives/senior officers when busy on another call.
The Maharashtra government had, a few months ago, issued guidelines on office attire for its employees as well. The state government has asked its employees to not wear casual clothes like T-shirts or slippers to work.

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