Microsoft Teams to finally get automatic call recording feature

Microsoft Teams to finally get automatic call recording feature

Video-calling application Microsoft Teams will get an automatic call recording feature, the tech giant confirmed this via its user feedback forum. It, however, did not give a timeline on when users may expect the feature. Microsoft Teams rival Zoom already has this feature.

The query for an automatic call recording feature was raised on Microsoft’s user feedback forum, well, about 3 years ago, by user Andreas. It goes: “If you know beforehand that a meeting should be recorded then it would be nice to have an option when scheduling the meeting to start recording automatically. This can help with not forgetting to start recording and save some time and effort not having to remember to do it manually.“

Microsoft did reply, in a ‘short’ span of three years:

“Thank you for your feedback! The team is currently working on this request. We will share an update as soon as one is available.“

They sure are working on it now. The feature is expected to be rolled out for both Microsoft Windows and macOS, when it arrives. Automatic call recording comes in real handy in the situations when you are in some important meeting and forget to record it manually. In cases such as these, the feature helps in saving you a copy of the meeting to refer to later.

Some of the new features that Microsoft plans to add to Teams are a new presence status “Out of Office”, that is being rolled out. You can put your Teams’ personal status as “Out of Office” after you receive this update, which will be seen by your colleagues when they try to call or chat with you. The “Out of Office” personal status will also be updated automatically in the Outlook Calendar.


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