Mobile patient engagement solution lands industry award

United BioSource (UBC), a firm that connects pharma firms and research partners with patient-centric technology, has received the 2021 Healthiverse Heroes Award for Life Sciences, given by health tech provider DrFirst to organizations that exhibit innovative use of technology and breaking down of information to help improve care, collaboration, interoperability, and patient outcomes.

The company’s automated outreach program enrolls trial participants via secure messages transmitted to the patient’s mobile device. When a prescription is issued by a physician, the platform automatically sends a text; after the message is accepted and the patient authenticated, they are taken to a personalized web page with details about the drug.

Within the workflow, the tech identifies any qualifying patient as a potential trial candidate and delivers the trial information in an educational format. If the patient is interested in learning more, she clicks a button and is routed to the study site.

Outsourcing-Pharma connected with UBC vice president of global product and innovation Ron Lacy, who told us about the company, and why the technology is award-worthy.

OSP: Please tell us about your automated outreach program—how does it work; and what challenges with clinical trial patient ID, enrollment and engagement does the technology help overcome?

RL: A pharmaceutical manufacturer approached UBC as they were having a difficult time recruiting patients for a Phase III clinical trial for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). Understanding the treatment journey was paramount to identifying solutions to overcome this challenge.

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