NBE provides services to clients at New Administrative Capital through mobile unit

The National Bank of Egypt (NBE) has started providing various banking services to customers at the New Administrative Capital (NAC). 

The bank is doing so through its mobile banking unit that the NBE launched for the first time in Egypt and the Middle East. It aims to serve those in charge of facilitating services in the NAC until the bank finishes establishing and equipping its branch, simultaneously along with the opening of both the governmental district and the banking district.

This comes as the NBE endeavours to support the state’s plans to move government and service agencies, as well as banks to the New Administrative Capital, as an integrated strategic centre for business and finance that serves Egypt.

Since the beginning of its work, the mobile unit has witnessed a large turnout by workers at the NAC, who would like to have their banking needs easily and effortlessly meet with the latest technologies. 

Trained staff provide many banking services, including account opening, as well as facilitating the purchase of various types of certificates and deposits. This comes in addition to issuing chequebooks and making transfers. 

The unit also offers card issuances and allows customers to subscribe to electronic applications and wallets provided by the bank. Moreover, for the first time in Egypt, customers can receive their debit cards immediately. 

On a different note, Egypt’s Minister of Youth and Sports Ashraf Sobhy and NBE Chairperson Hisham Okasha inaugurated the bank’s branch in Assiut’s Al-Badari Youth Centre. The centre comes as part of the cooperation protocol between the ministry and the bank, which includes the opening of 80 bank branches in youth centres across the country.

Sobhy said that the NBE branch was leased through the investment offering system, which benefits the club and the ministry. It will help promote the self-resources of the various youth centres and develop their services. 

It will also help alleviate the burdens on the state, and assist the Ministry of Youth and Sports in terms of providing support to youth centres and clubs.

The minister added that the current phase is distinguished for integration among all, as part of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s vision, deepening the process of financial inclusion and the development carried out by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. 

This occurs in cooperation with various authorities to provide the best services possible. He praised the role that the NBE plays in terms of supporting young people.

For his part, Okasha said that the NBE is adopting an ambitious strategy regarding geographical spread. It seeks to increase the number of branches in Upper Egypt, to facilitate customers moving between branches.

He said that the bank’s presence in youth centres began with the Gezira Youth Centre in Cairo. He pointed out that during the coming period, the bank will open 80 branches in youth centres nationwide, to support citizens and provide them with diverse services.

Okasha stressed that the bank aims to stay close to Egypt’s 15 million-strong youth segment, which is one of the most important segments that it seeks to include in its list of clients. Young people are the moving force for development, and their inclusion is essential for supporting financial inclusion.

He added that this new branch has been provided with all banking services that customers need in the highest quality possible. 

The branch includes a unit dedicated to financing small and medium enterprises (SMEs), in an effort by the bank to support economic activities and the financing movement at Al-Badari Centre. 

It was also provided with a unit for the Central Bank of Egypt’s (CBE) Nile Pioneers initiative, which aims to support ambitious young people in implementing their projects. 

It provides them with all the financial facilities and non-financial banking services they need to turn their ideas into a reality. 

It also provides them with the necessary advice for the success of their projects, which in turn contributes to creating more job opportunities among young people.

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