Scots care home residents ditch confusing mobiles for old style phone handsets

Scots care home residents have ditched confusing mobile phones for old fashioned phone handsets so they can confidently communicate with their loved ones.

Residents at Ardnahein Care Home in Dunoon were struggling to use mobiles to keep in touch with family members during the pandemic, leaving many feeling confused and stressed about making calls.

Staff were often contacted by family members after they were accidentally cut off and dedicated employees made it their mission to resolve the issue.

The device plugs into a mobile phone

Manager Grace Middleton scoured the internet and eventually found old style phone handles that can be plugged into a mobile and used like a traditional handset.

The difference in residents since the switch has been outstanding, she says.

Grace told the Record: “We found that certain people were uncomfortable using mobiles and they would accidentally press a button or drop the phone, or even cut it off.

“Every since we got these in the body language has been much more relaxed. The difference was amazing – it was so amazing I had to take pictures.

“They know how to have a conversation on these phones and not panic.

“They can place the phones close to their ear and down at their mouth because it has a curve.

“They’re not pressing a button and hearing beep then having to move the phone and look at it.

“The confusing part, we’ve taken that away from them.”

Residents can now focus on enjoying their calls

Photos of residents enjoying their phone calls were posted online, reaching nearly 600,000 people.

Residents are “delighted” with the latest purchase and are now able to focus on having a conversation with loved ones.

The care home has since been inundated with messages enquiring where the phones can be bought.

Grace added: “It’s like what they say, it really is the simple things that matter.”

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