Solving real-world challenges with cloud technology

Furthermore, smart cities development is at the forefront to drive economic growth and improve quality of life in India. This encompasses not just quality healthcare, education, and food supply, but also infrastructure development, traffic management, public resources management, etc. These depend on large amounts of heterogeneous data being optimised with high compute implementation—one of the most sought after benefits of cloud computing. Countries like Singapore and Malaysia have set stimulating examples of addressing urban challenges by leveraging information, data, and digital technologies.

Cloud infrastructure has been the backbone for multiple technological innovations that have helped enhance livelihoods and increased the prosperity of citizens across regions and in core sectors such as agriculture, finance, retail, healthcare, non-profit, and government. The technology can empower India both at the business and individual levels. It can boost successful digital transformation efforts by defining a tech-architectural approach, an investment strategy, and a staffing model that ensures that businesses can achieve balance across dimensions without compromising on performance, reliability, or control. By doing so, it will not only put India at the forefront of innovation but also improve and enrich the lives of every person in the country.

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