These are the 15 mobile speed camera locations in Bassetlaw next week

Below are the locations of both types of cameras around Bassetlaw next few week, according to the Nottinghamshire Safety Camera Partnership.

Here is a list of all ‘core casualty locations’ where mobile speed cameras are deployed.

A60 Carlton Road, Worksop – 30mph

Nottinghamshire Road Safety Camera Partnership has released it mobile and static speed camera locations.

A60 Doncaster Road, Carlton in Lindrick – 30mph

A631 Flood Plains Road, East of Beckingham – 50mph

B6040 Retford Road, Worksop – 40mph

B6041 Kilton Hill, Worksop – 30mph

B6041 Raymoth Lane, Thievesdale Lane and Farmers Branch – 30mph

Spital Hill, Retford – 30mph

Here are the locations of static speed cameras.

A60 Cuckney to Warsop – 50mph

A6075 Lincoln Road, Tuxford – 30mph

A614 Nottinghamshire – 50mph

A620 Nottinghamshire – 50mph

A631 Beckingham Bypass – 50mph

A631 Mill Hill / Gringley on the Hill – 50mph

A638 Retford, Nottinghamshire – 50mph

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