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Tough Enough To Care supports men across the region

Author: Isabel KimbreyPublished 8 minutes ago
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A West Midlands mental health charity has today launched a mobile support hub to give local communities better access to support services.

Tough Enough To Care began it’s journey at the beginning of 2020 after one if it’s founders lost two of his friends to suicide in the same week.

They offer support groups to men all across the West Midlands where they can safely and openly talk about their mental health.

Their mission is to help break down the stigma of mental health in men and stamp out the ‘man-up’ culture too.

Stuart Bratt, from Tough Enough To Care, said:

“We run a weekly male support group so they have somewhere they feel welcomed, understood and can be in a place where they can just get stuff off their chest.

“Now we’re launching the Tough Truck which is a converted campervan that will travel here, there and everywhere.

“People can book us in, we’ll do workplace drop-in sessions, we can go to sports clubs.

“It’s just offering everyday people, everyday people somewhere to talk”.

The unveiling of the van happens today and will begin it’s journey supporting men across the West Midlands.

The charity also hopes that it can act as a way to take some pressure off the NHS and offer alternative interventions.

Dan Browning, from Tough Enough To Care, said:

“Myself and Stuart, we’re both big lads, rugby players, I’ve boxed all my life since a young age.

“In those type of environments you don’t talk about your feelings or your mental health and it’s quite poisonous.

“The more you don’t talk about it, the more it remains in your head and the more the demons come out. So this charity, this van is just another way to help break down the stigma”.

If you’re struggling with your mental health you can find out more information here or go to Tough Enough To Care’s website.

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