Xiaomi’s new charging technology will fully charge a phone in 8 minutes

On Monday, Xiaomi boasted its latest charging technology, where they used a modified version of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro phone to charge at an incredible 200W. It charges this 4000 mAh smartphone from 0 to 10 percent in 44 seconds, to 50 percent in three minutes, and to a full charge in eight minutes, and it only takes 15 minutes using 120W wireless charging.

Fast charging is of course a plus to consumers, but the major question about these lightning fast-charging solutions is how much they wear on the battery. Charging a telephone with 200 watts will most likely lead to a large heat generation and cause the battery to degrade much faster than with more gentle charging.

Xiaomi’s head of the Chinese market, Lu Weibing, has previously written on Twitter-like social media Weibo that compared to standard 30W PD charging, they have already estimated a 20% drop in battery capacity at 100W fast charging. To put it simply, 5,000 mAh becomes 4,000 mAh, he wrote, in a post that later has been deleted.

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