Yahoo Mobile shuts down, users must switch to Visible

Yahoo Mobile is an MNVO (mobile network virtual operator) that sold mobile services backed by Verizon’s network. Last month, Verizon announced it would sell its media group, which included AOL and Yahoo website properties and brands. As a result of the sale, the Yahoo Mobile network is being shut down.

The network was not particularly a popular one and the device selection was quite slim. A new page on the Yahoo Mobile site explains that “Verizon has decided to separately sell the Yahoo brand and as a result, Yahoo Mobile operations will cease.”

Yahoo Mobile shuts down, users must switch to Visible

Subscribers currently on Yahoo Mobile will have until August 31 to transfer their phone number to another carrier but in some cases “individual lines may terminate earlier depending on your monthly service cycle.” Customers can renew for one more month after June 16, after which service will end when the month is up. AutoPay accounts will only charge through July 16.

Visible is Verizon’s other MVNO network running on the same infrastructure, meaning devices purchased through Yahoo Mobile should be capable of running on Visible or Verizon. The page mentions that other carriers may be compatible, but you should check with them first.

Yahoo Mobile says users have 60 days after the account’s closing to transfer your number out, but you should act sooner than later. Check Yahoo Mobile’s Goodbye page for instructions on how to transfer a number.


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